Diahann Berridge

Diahann Berridge was one of the earliest beauty therapists to train in permanent make-up. After achieving her BTEC HND in Beauty Therapy at the London Collage of Fashion, she worked as a therapist in Cambridge.

To further her career she moved into working for a beauty company who introduced her to permanent make-up. It was Paris where Diahann qualified in the technique in the 1980's, and soon after became a trainer, teaching other beauty therapists in the fine skill.

After qualifying in Madrid in advanced medical techniques Diahann went on to treat breast cancer sufferers who need reconstruction on the nipple and areola areas. Diahann works closely with several consultants around the country.

Over the past 30 years Diahann’s full time career has been to specialise in permanent make-up. Her excellent reputation even reaches other countries due to the power of her extremely loyal client base and their ‘word of mouth’ referrals.

Clients travel far and wide to Diahann’s clinic to ensure that they receive the best permanent make-up available.

Due to Diahann’s vast experience she is able to help many clients who are in desperate need of corrective procedures. Sadly these bad treatments are as a result of insufficiently trained, incompetent or unconfident practitioners.

Diahann also writes for several trade magazines on this topic and has been an expert advisor for several insurance companies.

“I have a client who moved to Australia and she still visits me every 18 months for her maintenance, she doesn’t trust anyone out there!”