lip liner

Diahann, with her expertise, can subtly create voluptuous contours of the lips by increasing the lip edge, a shading technique then blends the line into the natural lip colour. This makes for a perfect lipline that looks great with a glimmer of lipgloss.

If fine lines around the lip area cause problems, then a slightly darker shade to the natural colour can be applied. Not only will this minimise the appearance of the fine lines but it can also prevent lipstick from bleeding.

Lipline and shading is excellent at covering up any scar tissue from accidents or persistent cold sores, or even cleft palette corrective surgery. The permanent lip liner also achieves volume and fullness to restore a youthful definition. Lip liner can also be used to rebalance uneven or fading lips.

Imagine waking up every morning, looking in the mirror & your make-up is already there, smudge free!