I am so grateful for Diahann restoring my eyebrows. The results are far better than I ever imagined and hoped for. The family have said she has worked wonders and made me look “10 years younger”. Thank you.

Janice, Fakenham

I ‘love’ my new eyes! I know Diahann has done numerous procedures before but this was my first time and I was so nervous yet I was made to feel so relaxed and safe. Thank you for an excellent job!

Carl, London

I have spent so much time drawing my eyebrows in every day for years and now I don’t have too!!! I could never get them even either and this used to really frustrate me! I am so pleased I went to Diahann and had my new eyebrows done, it saves me so much time and I feel confident they are not going to disappear during the day. Best decision I made!

Sandy, London

I have had my eyeliner done for a number of years by Diahann but never considered my eyebrows even though you couldn’t see them much as I was fair haired. Then my world changed and I lost my hair completely through alopecia. I booked my eyebrows in as soon as I could as I had lost all my confidence as a women. I can’t believe the difference it made to my self esteem in every day life. Having the eyebrows there gave me a face and then all I have to do is put my wig on. I would recommend anyone to have semi permanent make up especially if you suffer with alopecia. I have now set up a charity for women suffering with the condition which is AAR-uk.org (Autoimmune Alopecia Research)

Karen Green, Danbury, Essex

I had semi permanent eyebrows done by an inexperienced therapist. They were so dark, I hated them and the shape wasn’t perfect either. I heard about Diahann after my experience and went to see her for a consultation. She advised me to get laser removal, get rid of the black then start again. It took a year and £1000 to get most of the black removed with laser at a medical clinic. Next Diahann gave me a natural set of eyebrows to be proud of! I warn anyone who wants to get this procedure done, please ensure the practitioner has come recommended and is experienced. This procedure is on your face and it is there for a long time, I am grateful to Diahann for helping me achieve my normal eyebrows!

Maureen, Wiltshire

I just have to tell you what happened when I left your salon. Real spooky! We were not intending to go up to Hampton on the way home but decided that we would as Joe wanted a Huddle (and I wanted a cuddle!). Win Win! We walked in to Tesco and there was a lovely lady giving away free mince pies. Joe couldn't go past without tasting one (how we ended up with six, don't ask me!). Anyway this lovely lady was very chatty and about my age and colouring and suddenly said - 'wow, your eyebrows look fantastic'. I said I had just had them done that morning so they appeared darker than normal and she then went on to tell me how she has hers done (they looked fab) and she goes to this wonderful lady and she wouldn't go anywhere else. Of course I knew who she was talking about so I said 'I bet her name is Diahann and she has a salon in Ramsey' (I felt like Derren Brown for a minute, reading her mind!). Then followed this lovely conversation of how wonderful you are Diahann and how comfortable we feel coming to see you and no way would we go anywhere else. Her eyebrows looked fab, she said she had a 3D effect the last time and was absolutely delighted. So there we were, in the middle of Tesco's, a hundred and one people milling round us, inspecting each others eyebrows. What a lovely experience for both of us and one I wanted to share with you.

Angie, Market Deeping

Just thought you would like to know that today I was in a Sephora store on the Champs Elysee in Paris looking at the make up range. One of the consultants there was asking me who did my semi permanent make up! I gave her Diahann’s name and website, she was going round telling everyone she worked with about it and they all came up to inspect my eyes, brows and lips! Thought you would appreciate the feedback! I will in touch soon to book my top ups, Thanks.

Caro, Essex